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© Millie Moore 2013

As an artist my current work responds to and questions a sense of place.

When we express our sense of place we inevitably express an understanding of whom and what we are.  

My new collection of work encompasses memories, thoughts and feelings of a homeland walk.  Sketchbook and camera assist my visual research alongside thoughts recorded in a journal and much stored within my memory bank.

As layers of structure exist within the landscape strata are built up on canvas through charcoal, oil bars and paint.

Duality of past and present is inherent in my paintings through traces of the drawing tool veiled with thin glazes of oil paint and drawing marks often reconfirmed on the surface of the canvas.

In seeking to convey the illusive language of landscape I interpret not simply what I see but how I see it, allowing the memory of place to resurface as I paint and find voice, creating a new layer of history.

Millie Moore